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365-tech-R-us_06Laptop / PC Tech Support
365Tech R US is one of the premium computer support service providers catering to global customers by offering online resolution to PC problems. Our computer helpdesk comprises several teams of certified and experienced technicians who can provide you comprehensive online support for your computer
365-tech-R-us_06Tablets / Phones Support
Smartphones and tablets are the latest buzz in the electronics consumer market and it is a must have for those who need to remain connected all the time. These gadgets use new technology like Android and iOS, which sometimes make it difficult for the user to handle and learn its usage.
365-tech-R-us_06Data Recovery Restore
With 24 Hour Computer providing all your IT support and services, there’s a good chance your IT network and computer systems will never go down. But the reality is that disasters can happen: system failure, corrupt files, RAID server crashes, and natural disasters including fires, floods…
365-tech-R-us_06Wireless Support
You require Wi-Fi setup to connect your laptop or PC to the Internet or local network connection wirelessly. Same applies with mobile computing devices including tablets and smartphones. Setting up a Wi-Fi network is a puzzling task therefore we provide you online tech support for Wi-Fi…

One Time Fix Plan $69.99

Have a virus or problem with your computer or device? Our technician can make a ”virtual house call” *any time, day or night, to help you with your problem.

For those general pc support questions…

like why is my computer so slow? Or do I need an upgrade? Or an even easier question like what is this odd ERROR pop-up on my screen…


We supply the answers immediately! No hassle, no waiting.