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Over one million satisfied customers world-wide.

About Us

International PayGateway Ltd is counted among the world’s best software companies and own the 365TechRUs brand, the Drakons software brand and the Dynamic software brand. Therefore, we refer ourselves as 365TechRus. Founded in 2002, since then 365 TECHRUS generates most affordable revenue among all IT companies across the world. 365 TECHRUS develops a very widely extended array of software assistance. The 365TECHRUS family provides full assistance for operating systems produced by Microsoft and MS Office Suite are counted among the most used applications in the world.

With its unlimited services plan, customers will have a wide range of software products such as utility apps, security solutions, software development applications and much more, 365 TECHRUS reaches every individual’s interests. There is hardly any computer sector left untouched by 365 TECHRUS.

Having trouble finding reliable office support, Internet or technical help?

No need to do it all yourself. Let us help. A skilled, affordable professional can save you money by completing your bookkeeping, marketing, virtual administrative assistant or document management task in a fraction of the time it would take you. Our virtual assistant and computer support network can do it all.

Our “Virtual Assistants” are here to HELP

365Tech RUs is a close-knit, experienced, reliable network of office and highly skilled technical support agents.

Each of the professionals has the specific skills and tools to get started right away. You’ll instantly have your own personal admin staff or computer/technical consultant at your service with no need to use valuable office space or spend time training new employees. You can just call us and you get a full virtual assistant or a tech support agent for as long as you like. You’ll work directly with your assistant – there are no third-party services or very high costs.

Your Time is Valuable!

Don’t spend it reading online computer support forums or reinventing the wheel when we can do the job for you right now. Our highly qualified agents can save you time and money.

The Team


Our Tech Team has taken the stress out of getting support for your computer problems. We’ve also taken the stress out of keeping your systems up to date and running fast. With just an internet connection, Our Tech Team saves you time, hassle, headaches, and money by providing you with online tech support, maintenance, and protection.

After signing up for service, you get a small application that creates a shortcut on your desktop so that you are only one click away from getting help. When you need help, simply double-click the shortcut to chat with a live pc support engineer.

With your permission, the pc support engineer will take control of your keyboard and mouse. You just sit back, relax and watch while our expert computer support pc support engineer. fixes your issue. See this short video of just how easy it is to get support.

Our specialized software also performs regularly scheduled maintenance, tune-ups, applies updates to your system, performs hard drive checks for errors and more! Our software also keeps your PC up to date with the latest software patches and updates for your particular system to keep your system running as good as the day you bought it.

For Pro and Premium plan subscribers, Our Tech Team provides advanced high-performance virus protection software, not just freeware like most companies, so that you enjoy a worry-free computing experience!

Our Tech Team offers 100% safe and secure tech support. We utilize the best in encryption technology to ensure your data is protected. Additionally, after each session, you will be given the opportunity to download the entire chat transcript and a video of each support session.